We confirm that all deliveries from the plant POLNA SA has been done properly, the products were of sufficient quality and had the appropriate approvals, certificates, and attestations.

F.H.U. Matpol


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Non-standard valves

Over the last tens years, the importance of non-catalog products has increased, as they are designed and too the the requirements of the client and the technological needs of their project. At present, the share of the automatic control engineering products now exceeds 30% of production, thus the necessity of presenting them in more detail.


We are the company who inherits the traditions of the foundries built in Przemyśl in 1923. The foundry, put into service in 1999, is equipped with modern equipment and laboratory furnace.


  • Machining on horizontal milling centers, on numerically controlled lathes and on conventional working machines
  • Press forming, die shearing and cutting
  • Welding by using the following methods: 111(MMA) and 141(TIG)