Present cooperation allows us to recommend POLNA SA as a solid and reliable supplier of equipment for the most demanding installations

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Dear Sirs and Madams,

We present to you the offer of a wide range of products belonging to the areas of automatic control engineering and heat engineering, as well as central lubrication equipment and laboratory equipment.

We specialize in designing and manufacture of control valves, diaphragm multi-spring pneumatic actuators, steam desuperheaters, needle valves, regulators, central lubrication equipment, distillers and redistillers.

We are oriented at the Customer’s needs. Our tradition, dating over 90 years back, enhances the determination for constant improvement of our products, processes and everything that we do among our team and in the whole organization.

It is our mission to ensure:

  • the highest quality and reliability of products for our Customers,
  • a stable increase of the company’s goodwill for our Shareholders,
  • the feeling of security and opportunities for development for our Employees,
  • business responsibility (protection of the natural environment and social interests).

Designing and manufacture of individual products is based on complete implementation of the technical conditions agreed on with Customer. We are constantly broadening our offer of out-of-catalogue manufactures, oriented at individual needs of our customers.

Zakłady Automatyki "POLNA" S.A. “POLNA” S.A. specializes in designing and manufacture of control valves used in technological installations in power industry, petrochemical industry, gas industry and other branches of industry.
Sales network “POLNA” S.A. has a well-developed sales network in Poland and abroad.
It sells its products directly and by means of distributors and trade partners.
A detailed list of those companies can be found on the Company’s website.


“POLNA” S.A. delivers products for leading companies from various branches of industry. Our know-how concerning the selection of valves, operation or servicing the manufactured products ensures benefits for our customers. The benefits are high quality, competitiveness and technical support.
Specialists working for “POLNA” S.A. are properly qualified to provide assistance in technical matters with the selection of control valves and other products of the company. As part of technical service, “POLNA” S.A. provides 24/7 post-sales support for the Customer involving technical consultation, visits in the plants and even post-warranty service.
and identification
All products of our company have identification marks, showing their parameters in accordance with the marks presented in the catalogue of products. Each product leaving the company is provided with full technical and commercial documentation complying with the binding regulations.
Trainings “POLNA” S.A. offers trainings concerning the construction and selection of the manufactured products. The trainings are carried out in the Company’s seat and on customers’ premises. We share the knowledge and experience we have obtained with our Customers, distributors and business partners.
Development “POLNA” S.A. takes care to constantly develop as for designing new products and improving the existing processes, being governed by Customers’ needs.
Quality Management The Quality Management System and the quality policy of our company are based on the Process Approach and constant improvement. It enables us to increase the added value, thus making our products more attractive for the Customer.