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The minimum flow valve is an anti-cavitation valve designed for liquids with pressure drop on the valve to 200 bar and flow rate to 70 t/h.

The valve design divides the pressure drop into six stages to values below critical cavitation pressures. High quality of regulation, durability and reliability have been achieved as a result of proper construction of internal elements and selection of materials. The socket and three-stage plug are made of ZrO2 ceramic material with excellent strength and chemical resistance. Further pressure drop is achieved by active throttling in three multi-hole hardened bushings with radial flow.

The valve stem made of titanium cooperates with a set of throttle seals ensuring external tightness in accordance with TA Luft regulations. The valve guarantees high tightness of the closure. It is also possible to adapt this solution for other reliable applications in passage or angle designs.

Please watch a short animation presenting the described construction: