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Company profile - POLNA S.A.

Zakłady Automatyki “POLNA” S.A. is a company with a long tradition. It has been producing industrial valves since the end of the 1960s.

Over the years, the scope of manufactured products has been systematically broadened and the technical designs have been improved.

We manufacture standard catalogue products, as well as special valves according to individual Customers’ requirements.

Our products are used in many industrial sectors in Industrial Automation, Heat Engineering, Central Lubrication, Laboratory Equipment, Control Hydraulics and Castings.

Some of the leading companies representing various branches of industry are our customers, among others:

ALSTOM POWER – power engineering
SYNTHOS DWORY– chemical industry
SIEMENS – automatic control
PGNiG – gas industry
ORLEN – petrochemical industry
AUSTRIAN ENERGY – power engineering
SKODA POWER – power engineering

Our products are used in the industry worldwide. We supply our products to, for example:

  • Czech Republic,
  • Lithuania,
  • Germany,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Italy,
  • France,
  • the United States,
  • Mexico,
  • India.


These are the devices for changing the flow rate of medium, while maintaining the required characteristics. The essential components of these devices are block sets, which change the resistance to the flow factor, and drives (actuators) used to provide mechanical energy needed to switch the valve positioners.

Valves produced by “POLNA” S.A. are used, among others, in the following industries: the energy industry, petrochemical, refining and natural gas industries.

This group includes:

control valves,
pneumatic, membrane, multispring actuators,
steam coolers (desuperheaters),
valves controlling minimal flows.

The group of heat engineering products includes: self-actuated controllers, intended to regulate the set pressure in technological installations. They are used in district heating systems, industrial processes in water to control flow of cold and hot water, steam, air and non-combustible gases.

This group also includes: needle valves designed for assembly, start-up and maintenance of transducers, pressure gauges and other fixtures in measuring and automation regulatory installations.

Throttle valves allowing throttling of pressure, regulation of flow rate and the total cut-off of the factor, filters installed before the regulatory fittings for purification of factors flowing through them constitute the other elements of the group.

Products from this group are used mainly in the heating industry, in heat and power plants and heat plants at thermal centres.

Detailed division of products of this group:

self-actuated regulators,
needles valves,
throttle valves,
cut off valves,
mesh filters.

Products in this group allow you to build a large number of varieties of central lubrication systems. These are the two-hose or multi-hose systems, progressive, to lubricate chains of the horizontal transport conveyors. These are devices that constitute a part of lubricating stations in service stations for vehicles and machinery, as well as other devices of individual design.

Central lubrication systems are recommended mainly for lubrication of highly loaded machinery and equipment, operating in difficult conditions, with a large number of friction nodes, placed at the considerable distances between each other and requiring intensive lubrication.

These systems are applicable in:
steel plants and non-ferrous metals plants,
equipment used in strip mines,
underground headings,
cement mills,
sugar factories,
forging plants, and in other shops with similar working conditions.

Multi-hose systems are often used on the same premises as the two-hose systems. They are a complement, but with respect to the two-hose systems, they have less coverage in terms of the number of lubricating points and covered areas. They are recommended in places where the continuous lubrication is needed with small quantities of grease.

The Company offers the following equipment for central lubrication:

lubricating pumps
lubricant loading pumps
manual grease pumps
lubricating guns
lubrication stations
grease dispensers

Distillation apparatus is used for the purification of water containing dissolved mineral salts and gases by distillation. These devices are used in laboratories, pharmacies, medical establishments, research and development institutes etc.
The group includes the following products:

Products of this group are used in the heavy construction machinery.

Our foundry makes casts of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and carbon steel, also pressure casts (bodies), for internal needs of our company and for external customers.


ul. Obozowa 23 Str
37-700 Przemyśl

TEL: +48 16 678 66 01
E-MAIL: sekretariat@polna.com.pl

KRS: NATIONAL COURT REGISTER: 0000090173 dated 12.02.2002 r. Provincial Court in Rzeszów, XII Division of National Court Register
COMPANY ID: 650009986     NIP: 795-020-07-05     BDO: 000030128
SHARE CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
PAID CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 88 1030 1250 0000 0000 8901 4018 EUR SWIFT: CITIPLPX