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Central lubrication pump PD 40 - POLNA S.A.

The pump is designed to periodically feed lubricant or oil to friction nodes in machines by means of two-way dosing units (dosing distributors).

It is recommended for heavy duty machines and plants with up to 50 lubrication points, located at short distances from each other and requiring intensive lubrication (e.g. machines and plants in iron, steel and non-ferrous metals smelters, mining industry, building materials industry, ships etc.).

Capacity60 cm3/min or 30 cm3/min
Nominal pressure 20 MPa
Power demand 0,38 kW
Rated voltage 230/400 V lub 500 V
Types of lubricants pumpedplastic grease or lubricating oils
Ambient temperature -10 ... 60°C
Tank capacity 15 dm3
Weight27 kg
*customized to your needs
The pump is designed to lubricate friction nodes in machines and devices through dosing distributors (two-way feeders). It is recommended for use in high-load machines and devices, with a large number of lubrication points located at long distances and requiring intensive lubrication, e.g. in ironworks, steelworks, non-ferrous metal smelters, strip mines, construction material plants, sugar factories, cement mills, and other facilities with similar equipment and work conditions.
The pump consists of the following basic subassemblies:
  • a grease tank with a feeding device
  • a drive unit consisting of an engine, two gearboxes: cylindrical and worm gear, built in a common body with a piston-crank system,
  • two pumping units consisting of bodies, pistons connected with sliders, a piston-crank system and check valves,
  • overflow valve located at the pump outlet or hydraulic control distributor, consisting of a body, sliders, and overflow valve.


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