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Multi-spring diaphragm pneumatic actuators type P1/R1 - POLNA S.A.

Multi-spring diaphragm pneumatic actuators type P1/R1 are used as control devices for control of control valves and other setting elements in industrial automation.

They are made in the following varieties:

  • simple action (air – stem extension) – type P1
  • reverse action (air – reverses the stem) – type R1
  • simple operation, with manual drive – type P1B
  • reverse action, with manual drive – type R1B
Diaphragm area400, 630, 1000, 1500, 1500T cm2
Stroke20, 38, 50, 63, 80, 100 mm
Spring range 20 ...100 kPa to 180 ... 380 kPa
Operating temperature - 40 ... + 80°C
Position accuracy±2.5% of nominal stroke range
Hysteresis±2.5 % of nominal stroke range
Manual driveside
Maximum pressure500 kPa
Number of cyclesmin. 250,000 cycles - standard execution, min. 1,000,000 cycles - special execution
  • total reversibility of operation and possibility of changing the range of springs – without additional parts
  • rigid construction of cast yoke actuator
  • wide range of available forces
  • linear dependence of stem displacement on control pressure due to the use of diaphragms with a fixed active surface
  • different spring ranges obtained by changing the number of springs and/or by changing the position of spacer elements
  • possibility of equipping the actuator with a manual side drive, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioner, limit switches, filter reducer, three-way electro-pneumatic valve, blocking valve
  • position transmitter
  • long service life of diaphragms, springs and seals
  • low weight and overall dimensions
We can adjust the actuator to your individual needs. In such cases, please contact our technical support specialist.


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