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  • Autonomous Public Clinical Hospital No. 3 of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, with its registered office in Zabrze, Poland

    “The Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl in 2010 supplied us with DE 20 distiller under contract No. AM/06/2010 dated 30 March 2010, with a value of PLN 3,488.31. The delivery of the subject matter of the contract was fulfilled within the period agreed upon and in accordance with the contract, therefore, we can confirm that the contract has been fulfilled by the Contractor, professionally and with due diligence. On the basis of the existing cooperation, we can recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. with full responsibility, as a credible and reliable partner in terms of the supply of medical equipment.”

  • Labsystem s.c.

    “We recommend with pleasure the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. located in Przemyśl to cooperate with, as far as supplies of distillers are concerned. Our orders were fulfilled in a timely manner to meet our requirements, and commercial support is at a high level.”

  • Conbest

    “We confirm our good cooperation with the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. in terms of distribution of laboratory equipment.
    Our many years of cooperation with POLNA authorize us to give the company the references as a reliable trading partner.”


    “Automation machinery plant “Polna” S.A. has cooperated with us for many years. Spare parts ordered by us are of good quality and delivery is always on time. The highly appraised quality of cooperation makes us recommend “Polna” S.A. to other companies.”

  • Labart Sp. z o.o.

    “I recommend cooperation with POLNA S.A. - orders are fulfilled within the expected time, flow of information does not raise any objections, the service is efficient and professional.”

  • Hytech

    “We may recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. as a reliable supplier, caring about the quality and timeliness of deliveries, in accordance with the content of complex orders and agreements.”

  • P&P CITO

    “Execution of orders runs in accordance with the timetable, the equipment is of high quality. Delegated tasks are carried out properly and without reservations. Progress of the works carried out authorizes us to recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. as a reliable and trustworthy contractor.”


    “We confirm that the company POLNA S.A is our long-time and reliable business partner. Our customers highly value products of the said company.”

  • PTH Vanax

    “For enquiries addressed to Polna, we always get quick and professional responses.”

  • Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA

    “Grupa Powen – Wafapomp S.A. confirms that during the last 3 years the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. produced and provided to our company MPS-10 lubricating pumps. Delivery was carried our with due diligence, the cooperation between our companies is faultless.”

  • Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza

    “High quality of products, professional experience, continuous communication, and timely delivery”


    “Central lubrication pumps supplied by “POLNA” have been working smoothly without generating any additional problems and ensuring optimal operating conditions of work for the other devices, so the number of failures decreased. POLNA quickly responds to our requirements and efficiently fulfils supply contracts. We recommend POLNA as a competent and reliable manufacturer.”

  • Biuro Inżynieryjno Techniczne MAR – TET s.j.

    “We have been cooperating with the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. in Przemyśl for three years. During that time, the plant has proven itself as a reliable and timely producer and provider of high quality equipment for central lubrication systems, particularly as far as pumps and their parts are concerned.”

  • KWB "KONIN" w Kleczewie S.A.

    “Material Procurement Department of KWB Konin in Kleczew confirms that POLNA SA is a supplier of equipment for central lubrication used in our plant in KWB Konin S.A. Central lubrication equipment was carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and met our requirements. Supplies are timely and in accordance with the concluded contracts. We have no reservations as to the quality of the supplied products.”

  • Elektrociepłownia Białystok S.A

    “We hereby would like to share our opinion regarding the offer of the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. Products of the said company have been used by us for many years. A very wide product range and the possibility of implementing non-standard applications, adjusted to individual requirements, constitute very important aspects of our successful cooperation. High professionalism is reflected not only by the quality of implementation, but also by the level of commercial support and technical advice. For these reasons, the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. holds a high position in its industry and constitutes a very good alternative to other domestic and foreign manufacturers.”

  • F.H.U. Matpol

    “We confirm that all deliveries from the POLNA SA plant have been done properly, the products were of sufficient quality and had the appropriate approvals, certificates, and attestations.”


    “Information about cooperation:
    - Products comply with orders and expectations.
    - Professional and to-the-point support, offers and order acknowledgements are submitted correctly,
    - Implementation on time, in case of problems, I get the information about the problems and the changed time limit for delivery.”


    “On behalf of the company BHZ EMET-IMPEX-I, we express appreciation for the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl for fruitful and multiannual cooperation. The quality of the offered products and professional approach to difficult technical problems deserve special praise.”

  • Valmark Sp. z o.o.

    “It is a pleasure for me to recommend, to whom it may concern, the quality of products offered by POLNA S.A. in Przemyśl, as well as the expertise and the quality of support offered by staff of marketing and sales department.”

  • ENKEV Polska S.A.

    “For many years, we have purchased heat control products produced by POLNA S.A., and we are satisfied with good quality of the products of this company.”

  • Zakład Automatyki i Pomiarów Aprochem Co, Ltd

    “We inform with pleasure, that POLNA S.A., which is our supplier of valves, spare parts for valves and other elements of industrial automation, is a trustworthy and reliable partner, worth our recommendation.”


    “In the period from 2009 to 09 May 2011, our cooperation with POLNA S.A. in terms of offers preparation and supplies of control valves was reliable and based on merits. Delivery times strictly adhered to agreed schedules.”

  • Agat S.A.

    "AGAT S.A., based in Koluszki, ul. Paderewski 1, confirms the multiannual cooperation with the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A., 37-700 Przemyśl, ul. Obozowa 23, in carrying out works as far as automated measurement systems are concerned. The company cited above provides the following services:
    - the supply of equipment and apparatus for petrochemical industry
    - technical advice and selection of technical solutions
    - trainings to use, maintain and repair equipment.
    Co-operation with the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. is characterized by a strong technical support, the desire to solve the problem and prompt response. Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. is an experienced manufacturer we fully trust.”

  • Budownictwo Naftowe NAFTOMONTAŻ - Spółka z o.o.

    “Constructor of petroleum installations, “Naftomontaż” Sp. z o.o., confirms that Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. in Przemyśl performed the ordered work with due care, taking into account the latest technical solutions, and in accordance with the existing regulations and standards, as well as with good engineering practice. The cited examples of cooperation with the “Polna” plant in Przemyśl are the basis of our high assessment and allow us to recommend the services of this company.”

  • ENERGOBALTIC Sp. z o.o.

    Automation Machinery Plant Polna S.A. supplied industrial and heat control equipment to the thermal-electric power station Władysławowo, and to the Gas Compression Station on the Baltic Beta platform. Cooperation was accurate and know-how took into account the existing standards and safety regulations. On the basis of the services rendered, ENERGOBALTIC Sp. z o.o. can recommend Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. as a credible and reliable supplier and a professional, trustworthy partner.”

  • Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA - Sanok branch

    “Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. in Warsaw, Sanok branch, confirms that it has collaborated for several years with the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. seated at ul. Obozowa 23 in Przemyśl (37-700), regarding the supply of valves and parts thereof. At the time of cooperation, delivered products met all quality standards, and the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. proved to be a solid partner, who fulfils orders in a timely manner, and as expected.”

  • HSW S.A.

    “We hereby confirm that the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl is our multiannual supplier of a wide range of valves for many gear boxes mounted in the construction machinery manufactured by us. During the past collaboration, the Company proved to be a credible and diligent partner, that can fulfil our orders in a timely manner, and able to meet the high quality requirements. Therefore, we recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl as a reliable and responsible supplier.”

  • Transmedium

    “TRANSMEDIUM Tadeusz Macha in Bielsko-Biała informs, that we have collaborated with the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. in Przemyśl since 2002 in terms of supply of industrial valves. Supplies were fulfilled in accordance with our requirements, as far a quality of equipment is concerned.”

  • Dept. of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at the University of Opole

    “Our collaboration with the Marketing and Sales Department of the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA S.A.” in Przemyśl constitutes an example of a pattern of collaboration – competent and fair.”

  • Termo Organika Sp. z o.o. – Głogów branch

    “The Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. provides us with complex solutions for industrial automation.
    Expertise of staff, attractive offer and high quality of products let us recommend the company to other entities.”

  • Orlen Automatyka

    “With regard to the request addressed by the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A., we are pleased to inform, that Orlen Automation Sp. z o.o. uses the company’s products, with particular reference to: valves, membranes, counter flanges, and seals. At the same time, we would like to mention that Automation Machinery Plant Polna S.A. is on the list of qualified suppliers of PKN ORLEN S.A. in Płock.
    An important asset of the company is a wide range of products and the possibility of fulfilling non-standard orders.
    We are pleased with the cooperation owing to the direct support and technical advice of your employees.
    The quality of the supplied equipment and products is satisfactory. The criterion of price in relation to the quality constitutes a competitive alternative of Polna S.A. product range to domestic and foreign producers.
    Automation Machinery Plant Polna S.A. meets the quality requirements for our suppliers.”

  • NTI sp. z o.o.

    “For many years, NTI Sp. z o.o. in Głogów has supplied check valves and control valves to industrial plants in Zagłębie Miedziowe. Deliveries are based on the products supplied by the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA S.A.”. The high quality offered by “POLNA” enables durable and trouble-free use. The above statement was justified by proper operation of the installations in many branches of Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy, including:
    - ZG Polkowice-Sieroszowice branch
    - ZG Rudna branch
    - ZG Lubin branch
    Multiannual period of cooperation with “POLNA” and the accompanying timeliness, expertise and efficient fulfilment of orders, as well as the absence of complaints, confirms our belief that we have made a good selection of the contractor. We can recommend “POLNA”, taking full responsibility, to every investor.”

  • DUET

    “Hereby, on the basis of our multiannual cooperation, we would like to recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “Polna” S.A as a professional and competent partner. Owing to high availability, flexibility and professionalism, combined with the quality of service and affordable prices, cooperation with this company meets all our expectations in this regard.”

  • Zakład Usług Energetyczno-elektrycznych

    “The cooperation is working very well. I get the ordered devices on time.”


    “On behalf of the company BHZ EMET-IMPEX-I, we express appreciation for the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl for fruitful and multiannual cooperation. The quality of the offered products and professional approach to difficult technical problems deserve special praise.”


    “On the base of multiannual cooperation with the Automation Machinery Plant POLNA S.A. in Przemyśl, I hereby confirm the high level of expertise and professionalism that characterizes the cooperation we have. POLNA S.A. is a partner worth positive recommendation, flexibly responding to the expectations of its customers. POLNA S.A. provides reliable services at the highest level of quality and with respect for the environment and taking into account the requirements of safety.”

  • Teoma Service Sp. z o.o.

    “Professional support of specialists. After the first phone call all problems were settled as they should be. Parts fitted, and the delivery date was met.”

  • Emet-Impex Armatura i Automatyka Sp. z o.o. Przemyśl

    “A reliable company – Ready to help with troubleshooting problems of automation and adjustment of equipment. The Company has a wide range of products used in the production lines of various industries.”

  • PHHP i AP EMET-IMPEX Sp. z o.o. Kraków

    “POLNA S.A. is a trustworthy and reliable partner”

  • Rafineria Nafty JEDLICZE S.A.

    “Petroleum Refinery Jedlicze S.A. has collaborated with POLNA SA in Przemyśl for many years. We are very satisfied with the services, materials and technical advice.”

  • Instytut Nawozów Sztucznych Puławy

    “We design systems based on the control equipment of “POLNA”. These products are reliable, inexpensive and POLISH.”

  • Institute of Textiles

    “Thank you very much for our cooperation hitherto.
    The short description of our cooperation:
    - Professional and reliable marketing support.
    - Good quality of products at relatively low prices.
    - Timely deliveries of products purchased.”

  • “J.T.C.” Spółka Akcyjna [Joint Stock Company]

    “Awareness of the responsibility for implementation of systems of automatic control for energy sector requires us to cooperate with the best in the industry. That is the reason why we purchase valves from POLNA. A combination of competence and experience gives us the full trust to their solutions. We recommend POLNA to anyone looking for an experienced manufacturer of valves, ensuring technical support of control valves.”

  • BTHP Ostrów Wlkp

    “I am pleased with the cooperation with POLNA S.A. hitherto. The following systems were implemented in the previous years: PN 250 pneumatic actuators replaced GULDE actuators and have, so far, been working successfully. This was possible owing to the very good cooperation with our design and marketing department. Production of these actuators differed from standard / catalogue production. Mobility and willingness to cooperate on your side allowed performing this task.”

  • PCC Rokita

    “Actuators as disconnectors of electrolisers of mercuric electrolysis in PCC Rokita SA. POLNA S.A., as the only company, undertook to manufacture actuators under special order of PCC Rokita SA. Reliable and timely production of actuators, an experienced team of engineers, conscientiousness and sensitivity to customer needs, make us to continue our multiannual cooperation with POLNA S.A.
    Our cooperation so far allows us to recommend POLNA S.A. as a trustworthy and reliable supplier of equipment for the most demanding installations.”

  • SKAMER ACM Sp. z o.o.

    “I hereby confirm that, for many years, we have been collaborating with POLNA S.A., ul. Obozowa 23, 37-700 Przemyśl, a supplier of industrial automation products and heat control products. We express a favourable opinion on cooperation with POLNA S.A. We have no objections in terms of quality of products and their reliability, so we can recommend them.”

  • Zakład Przemysłowych Systemów Automatyki Sp. z o.o.

    “On the basis of many years of cooperation with POLNA S.A., we confirm that, so far, all deliveries have been carried out within the required period, faultlessly, as far as technical and organizational issues are concerned. POLNA S.A. staff, responsible for warranty and post-warranty service, deserves recognition in terms of reliability, professionalism, and communicativeness.”

  • CETUS - Energetyka Gazowa Sp. z o.o.

    “As a general contractor of many facilities and installations for gas industry, we must rely on the best suppliers. In gas industry, there is no room for compromise.” Polna, as a supplier of control valves, met our requirements in 100%.”

  • TECH-COM Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Technicznych Sp. z o.o.

    “A multiannual trade cooperation with POLNA S.A. has been running smoothly in a friendly atmosphere. Especially, the expertise and competence of the commercial employees deserves distinction. These employees are able to choose the appropriate devices and help us solve difficult problems. Moreover, consecutive trainings are very valuable and allow us to keep up to date with the latest innovations in production.”


    “On the basis of our multiannual experience, we can recommend POLNA S.A. as a company having a satisfactory level of commercial, service and logistics support, and a high level of expertise. The level of support from both the commercial and technical point of view is high, and all principles of professionalism are implemented. The experience of cooperation between us and POLNA authorizes us to state that this company is a reliable and trustworthy partner.”

  • CHEMEKO Sp. z o.o.

    “As one of the companies of the ANWIL Group, during preparation, implementation and supervision of industrial, chemical, and petrochemical projects, we demand the highest standards of cooperation. POLNA provides the highest level of competence in terms of technical and commercial collaboration. Involvement of POLNA in the implementation of subsequent stages of the projects deserves appreciation. The received support confirms the experience of this company in the production of valves for demanding technological installations.”

  • Biprozat

    “Our company cooperates with Polna, and we are glad of it. The offers of control valves are developed correctly, from a technical point of view, and quickly.”

  • Modern Kotły

    “We recommend “POLNA” S.A. as a credible and reliable contractor that fulfils its obligations.”


ul. Obozowa 23 Str
37-700 Przemyśl

TEL: +48 16 678 66 01
E-MAIL: sekretariat@polna.com.pl

KRS: NATIONAL COURT REGISTER: 0000090173 dated 12.02.2002 r. Provincial Court in Rzeszów, XII Division of National Court Register
COMPANY ID: 650009986     NIP: 795-020-07-05     BDO: 000030128
SHARE CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
PAID CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
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