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History - POLNA S.A.

1923 Foundation of the company “KAHAPE”. The name “KAHAPE” is the acronym made up of the first letters of surnames of the factory’s co-owners (K-Klagsbald and H-Honigwachs) and the town (P-Przemyśl).
1925 Beginning of the production of grey iron casts.
1926 Beginning of the production of agricultural machinery under licence.
1927 Change of the company’s name to: Fabryka Maszyn i Odlewnia Żelaza “POLNA”.
1930 Beginning of the production of Rast-Gasser sewing machines.
1938 Beginning of the assembly of baby strollers and “Tefag” gramophones. Extending the export of products to Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Palestine.
1941 Takeover of the company by German administration due to military activities. Production of agricultural machinery and rail brakes is launched.
1944 Liberation of Przemyśl from the Nazi occupation – entering of the Red Army. Clearing the factory of explosives and debris. The staff helps to build a wooden bridge over the San river.
1948 Pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Industry and Trade, the factory was taken over by the State.
1952 Start of production of “San” sewing machines. There were also some technological changes in the plant in that period, which facilitated the later change of the company’s profile to automatic control equipment. Besides, the construction of a new foundry began. The following years brought organizational changes. The Chief Designer, Technologist and Mechanic Department was created.
1963 Changing the factory’s name to Zakłady Wytwórcze Elementów Automatyki Przemysłowej (Industrial Automation Components Manufacturing Plant). Technological development of the enterprise occurred.
1964 Manufacture of new products began, including pneumatic diaphragm-spring actuators. The first registered trademark appeared.
1965 Total change of the production profile to automatic control equipment, central lubrication systems and laboratory equipment.
1967 Purchase of a license for manufacture of control valves and pneumatic actuators from Masoneilan.
1972 Changing the former name of the company to Zakłady Automatyki “Mera” Polna. The design of the trademark was also modified.
1974 50th anniversary of the existence of Zakłady Automatyki “Mera” Polna.
1981 Polna served as the national coordinator for lubrication equipment in the Industry Division of the Comecon Committee regarding cooperation in the area of machine industry.
1992 Transformation of the state enterprise into a sole-shareholder Treasury corporation with the name Zakłady Automatyki “POLNA” S.A.
1995 Privatization of the company by contributing part of “POLNA” S.A. shares to National Investment Funds. Obtaining the Quality Management System certificate in conformity with the EN ISO 9001 standard.
1998 The company was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
2002 Obtaining the Quality Management System certificate in conformity with the Directive 97/23/EC Module H (manufacture of pressure equipment – industrial valves and fittings).
2004 Beginning of production of special (out-of-catalogue) control valves, meeting individual customers’ needs. That year, the company also started to manufacture steam desuperheaters.
2011 Upgrading the graphic design of the company’s logo and changing the names of some control valves manufactured by the company.
2013 90th anniversary of existence of Zakłady Automatyki “POLNA” S.A.
2017 Establishment of the Research and Development Centre.
2017 Withdrawal of the company from the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


ul. Obozowa 23 Str
37-700 Przemyśl

TEL: +48 16 678 66 01
E-MAIL: sekretariat@polna.com.pl

KRS: NATIONAL COURT REGISTER: 0000090173 dated 12.02.2002 r. Provincial Court in Rzeszów, XII Division of National Court Register
COMPANY ID: 650009986     NIP: 795-020-07-05     BDO: 000030128
SHARE CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
PAID CAPITAL: 3.710.992,60 PLN
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 88 1030 1250 0000 0000 8901 4018 EUR SWIFT: CITIPLPX