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NTI sp. z o.o. - POLNA S.A.

“For many years, NTI Sp. z o.o. in Głogów has supplied check valves and control valves to industrial plants in Zagłębie Miedziowe. Deliveries are based on the products supplied by the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA S.A.”. The high quality offered by “POLNA” enables durable and trouble-free use. The above statement was justified by proper operation of the installations in many branches of Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy, including:
– ZG Polkowice-Sieroszowice branch
– ZG Rudna branch
– ZG Lubin branch
Multiannual period of cooperation with “POLNA” and the accompanying timeliness, expertise and efficient fulfilment of orders, as well as the absence of complaints, confirms our belief that we have made a good selection of the contractor. We can recommend “POLNA”, taking full responsibility, to every investor.”