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Autonomous Public Clinical Hospital No. 3 of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, with its registered office in Zabrze, Poland - POLNA S.A.

“The Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. in Przemyśl in 2010 supplied us with DE 20 distiller under contract No. AM/06/2010 dated 30 March 2010, with a value of PLN 3,488.31. The delivery of the subject matter of the contract was fulfilled within the period agreed upon and in accordance with the contract, therefore, we can confirm that the contract has been fulfilled by the Contractor, professionally and with due diligence. On the basis of the existing cooperation, we can recommend the Automation Machinery Plant “POLNA” S.A. with full responsibility, as a credible and reliable partner in terms of the supply of medical equipment.”